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Crypt Wing

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Crypt Wing (Lock 5)


You recieve the coin for the Leggings from Ivar box.


NOTE: It is Suggested (not required) that you make use of the BuffBars Plugin. More information here... PLUGINS


Tier 1



If you get a green face debuff (also shows a purple/blue eye over your head) move to the edge of the room, you will be dropping fear clouds every few seconds. Just try to avoid the group as best as possible.

It will important to give the tanks stun immunity, especially the one that runs in first.

  • Warden: Drop Fear clouds on the ground. (may be same as ghosts below).
  • Ghost: Apply a green face debuff to you, while you have it you will drop fear clouds anywhere you step.
  • Wargs: just trash?
  • Undead Armor: Hit Hard. may be frontal AoE.


Pull 1:

  • Minstrels start with song of the dead on the two ghosts. Two hunters traited trapper will mez the two ghosts when the mini mez fades.
  • LM can Mez one of the wargs.
  • Each tank will pickup one warden.
  • DPS will kill the 2 little undead armors, then the wargs. From here you will kill one ghost, then one warden. Then the final ghost and final warden.


Pull #2:

  • Each Minstrel uses song of the dead to mez ghosts at the start (the moon ghost and paw ghost).
  • Have both tanks run in (have LMs put stun immunity on tanks) and build aggro while 2 hunters (traited trapper) lock down the ghosts that the minstrels mezzed. *Make sure DPS is slow at the start to be sure not to pull the Wardens.*
  • DPS the 6 undead men first, then the ghost with the star mark.
  • After taking the star marked ghost down, switch to the warden that is it's partner (this time was the sun marked one).
  • Switch to DPSing the next ghost (moon), and following the warden that is it's partner.
  • Last DPS the final warden and then ghost to finish off the pull.

NOTE: If you get a fear eye, make sure to run on the outside of the room in order to keep the fear clouds away from the group.

Boss: Ivar

Phase 1 : 4 mini-bosses

NOTE: Remove diseases (AOE stuns)

Each mini-boss gives Ivar a special ability buff for Phase 2. The different buffs are tiered depending on the order in which they are killed. The highest tier that the buffs can reach is 4.

Order for the 4 mini-bosses:   *can change order to complete deed*

  • Defiler- *special ability: green HoT circles*  make sure there are interupts on his heals, and oathbreakers once aggro is solid to get him down fast in Phase 1.
  • Angmarim- *special ability: wounds that give AOE stuns, and AOE damage*
  • Troll- *special ability: large AOE damage*
  • Warg-rider- (gives fear DoTs during Phase 1) *special ability: debuff  increased incoming damage, debuff decreased incoming healing (-50%)*

Phase 2: Ivar (400k morale)

NOTE: Remove wounds (AOE stuns)

  • One tank moves Ivar around the outer circle of the room, while the melee DPS follows behind. *Move Ivar when green HoT circles appear*
  • Ranged DPS/healers stay in the middle of the room and don't worry about getting out of the green healing circle.
  • At around 200k morale, all the buffs on Ivar tier up by one. Captains can in harms way + last stand at this point.
  • Healers can also use TS after the initial AOE damage to help everyone stay alive.
  • Oathbreakers can be used after this point to get Ivar down as fast as possible toward the end.
  • If needed, around 80k morale, healers can use Fellowship's Heart.



Tier 2

Haven't attempted tier 2. Challange mode requirement unknown.




Wound Wing - Fear Wing - Disease Wing - Poison Wing - Crypt Wing - Final Boss

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