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Disease Wing

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I have re-organized the information for the disease wing, the old strat (including more general mechanics) is at the following link: Old Disease Wing


Disease Wing (Lock 3)

You recieve the coin for the BOOTS from Disease box.


NOTE: It is Suggested (not required) that you make use of the BuffBars Plugin. More information here... PLUGINS


NOTE Tier 2: if you wipe on a trash pull, that whole pull resets. (but not previously completed pulls). So no kill a couple, wipe, and finish up.


Trash Pull 1:

  • Have 2 CC classes (LM or Trapper Hunter) keep both kergrim locked down throughout the fight.
    1. Begin with hunter/LM root for initial anger break.
    2. Once the anger pops up again, they may need help with anger removal, it seems the temporary immunity from light of the rising dawn is causing Blinding flash to not stick after the first mez (or some other mechanic I dont understand).
    3. We used hunter fears to break anger after the initial lockdown.
  • One tank will kite 2 of the bugs in a triangle route, from the back left corner where they start, to the stairs where the group starts, then to the stairs around the corner to the right.
  • The second tank and all DPS will pull the third bug back to the top of the starting stairs and kill it.
  • Have a champ Challange a second bug off the kite tank and pull it to the starting stairs for dps.
  • Have kite tank bring third bug to starting stairs for dps. Second tank can challange/fray the edge on the kergrims to build agro.
  • Pick one kergrim, kill it. (remember to avoid frontal AoE).
  • Kill last kergrim.

Trash Pull 2:

  • The glow worms (and/or the queens) give you a yellow eye debuff, it is a disease. if you do not remove it in time, it spawns 3 little 4-5k adds. These will typically go straight for the healers.
  • One tank deals with the far queen (moon).
  • Champ/Warden offtanks second queen (star)
  • Captain kites the big bug (shield).
  • Second tank stays by the healers to pickup baby adds.
  • DPS glow worms first (the queens apply a blood pact and so the glow worms will not stay mezzed).
  • After glow worms, kill star queen, then moon queen. The tank on the moon can go pickup the big bug from the capt (engage/challange).
  • Clean up little trash adds.
  • Finally kill big bug.

Trash Pull 3:

  • 2 CC classes need to keep both kergrims down till last.
  • One tank on moon queen. Champ on star queen. Second tank with healers for add collection.
  • Kill glow worms first.
  • Star queen after worms. Then moon queen.
  • Next finish up the little bugs. The moon queen tank can begin building agro on one (or both) of the kergrim.
  • Kill the kergrim. (one at a time prefered).

Trees Boss fight:

NOTE: (On Tier 2) After each set of adds, the tree will get a +25% dmg buff. So if you don't get the challange, the tree will be doing +75% damage on the 4th round of DPS. (This is VERY BAD)


  • Each group is assigned a tree, the groups excluding the tank should be able to stand on/near the rock island nearest their tree for most of the fight.
  • No one should need to switch sap using this method.
  • To start the fight, immediately use oathbreakers on both trees. It is likely your hunters will get agro of the tree during this phase. (this is better than the healer having it)
  • At around 15-20s, the tanks need to run across to the opposing tree (DO NOT GET THE OTHER SAP). It is best that you get there with plenty of time, and stand inside the tree. This way as soon as they spawn you can Challange and have all 3 immediately, no fighting healers for agro.
  • Kill Lurkers
    1. Tier 1: Make sure both groups kill their 3rd lurker simultaneously. This is to maintain proper timing.
    2. Tier 2: Starting with the second wave of lurkers, each group MUST kill ALL THREE of their lurkers within 3 seconds of each other (this is an estimate, but it must be very quick), if you kill one but not the others in time, it will respawn on the opposite side of the room.
    3. Tier 2: This also means that BOTH GROUPS need to time it so ALL SIX lurkers die nearly simultaneously to maintain proper timing.
  • Once the lurkers of a given color are dead, their tree becomes vulnerable to DPS for ~90 seconds. Kill it quickly.
  • A message will show on screen that the lurkers are coming back, Tanks need to cross quickly and get inside the opposing tree to challenge when they pop.
  • Repeat until both trees are dead.
  • Be sure to kill both trees within ~10s of each other.
    1. This is because if both trees don't die in this time frame, they will both heal to at least halfway.
    2. Try to refrain from DoTs, bleeds, or excessive crit skills during the last ~20K health.

Challange Mode:

  • The first part of the challenge mode requires that NO ONE CHANGES SAP. If any member of the raid changes their sap color (even accidentally) you will lose the challenge mode.
  • The second component of the challenge states that you must kill NO MORE THAN 12 bog lurkers. This means you have the initial 30 seconds of the fight, and 2 full DPS phases (~90s each) to bring both trees down from their starting health of 220K.

Tips for completing the Challenge:

  • Use the time the adds are up to let oathbreakers reset between each tree phase.
    1. During the first phase of adds, each group can kill 2, leave the third at full health.
      • With just one add up, The tank should use engage on the tree, then build agro the entire time while waiting for OB.
      • Also, use To The King (TTK) to start FMs on the lurker whenever possible.
    2. For the second set of adds, Get each one down to about ~8-10K.
      • This will give the tank some room to get TTK FMs periodically to help with heals.
      • If healing becomes too much of an issue, kiting may be attempted. The adds have nasty range attacks. Kiting makes agro control more difficult, they likely will kill the healers. DO NOT Kite.
  • UPDATE: allow the hunter (or RK) tank the tree(s) during the add phase. Capts put the heal mark and the trees and the range tanks will stay on the tree healing themselves (yes, the heal works even tho the tree absorbs the damage) ignoring the adds. The tank does NOT need to take agro back during the dps phases.


Wound Wing - Fear Wing - Disease Wing - Poison Wing - Crypt Wing - Final Boss

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