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Final Boss

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You recieve the coin for the BREASTPLATE from Gortheron box.


NOTE: It is Suggested (not required) that you make use of the BuffBars Plugin. More information here... PLUGINS


Tier 1


There is no trash in this room. Just you and Gortheron... and a rather large, ominous looking statue.


Tank one will maintain agro on Gortheron throughout the fight. All DPS will stay on Gortheron until he deactivates to summon adds. Gortheron does not hit terribly hard.

If your Tank has To the King traited (and they should), they can pickup one or two of the small adds to use for triggering conjunctions. (these would be more useful if both tanks are in the same group: see next tank's job).


While the group is DPSing Gortheron, the second tank is KITING the adds about the perimeter of the room. This tank is going to need the majority of the healing. On occasion you will have to turn and run thru the mobs to make certain you have all the agro, perhaps informing your healers before hand would be a good idea.


When Gortheron stops to summon the next set of adds, DPS will kill the previous adds, NOT the new adds. If you kill the adds of the current wave, they simply respawn.


The adds come at specific health levels of Gortheron:

  1. 720k - Shire Mobs: Boars and goblins
  2. 610k - North Downs Mobs: Wargs and orcs
  3. 470k - Trollshaws Mobs: Trolls and worms
  4. 325k - Forochel Mobs: Caerug and sabrecats
  5. 180k - All the above plus skeletons


  • The first mobs named had ~20k morale the second had ~10k.
  • There were typically 2 of the bigger ones and 3 little ones per wave.
  • The final wave included ONE of each of the big ones from previous waves plus quite a few skeletons.


At 35k health, Grotheron deactivates for a brief cutscene. After the scene you finish his remaining health easily.


Tier 2


We have not attempted T2 and are unaware of the challange requirements.



Wound Wing - Fear Wing - Disease Wing - Poison Wing - Crypt Wing - Final Boss

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