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Any member is free to create their own wiki page(s) under this page.

It is prefered this be used for LOTRO related materials, but this will not be heavily enforced.

As far as I have found, there is no way to limit access to specific wiki pages. So keep in mind, anyone can view your pages, and anyone with wiki editing access could modify them.

DO NOT EDIT ANYONE ELSES PAGE(S). If you are found to be disrupting/defacing pages other than your own, you will lose access to the wiki.

If you do not have access to edit the wiki, contact Lemluyen or Shelias.

To edit a wiki page, there will be a small icon in the upper right corner of this portion of the page, it will look like a piece of paper with a pen next to/on it.

To create your page:

  • Click the edit icon for this page.
  • at the bottom of this text Enter your page name (please use either your site user name or main character name) inside double square brackets.
    • The double square brackets is the method for linking to other internal wiki pages.
    • EX. [ [ Lemluyen ] ]
  • You will do the above but without any spaces.
  • This will create your page.
  • After you hit save page at the bottom, your link should now be red. This means it is a blank page.
  • Click your link to get to your page, then edit your page as you see fit.
  • Also, i suggest you copy the first line from this page to the top of your page (the links to home and this page).

You can make as many subpages as you like on your own page.

  • If you choose to use additional pages, please label them as follows:
    • [ [ Lemluyen Page1 ] ] ---OR--- [ [ Page1 Lemluyen ] ]
    • where Page1 can be any name/title you like.
    • this way if somebody makes a page about their class, we dont have people using the same names.









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