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Ost Dunhoth

Here is some info on LOTRO Plugins.


Here is a link to a zip file (THIS ZIP FILE IS FAR OUTDATED, DO NOT USE IT) containing suggested/useful plugins. Here is a link to LotroInterface, where you can get additional plugins. (The following are all included in the zip above.)

  • Plugin Manager. If you decide to use plugins, you absolutely NEED this one.
  • Buffbars is HIGHLY suggested. This plugin performs 2 primary functions: 1) lists all of your buffs/debuffs/pot-cooldowns, 2) can pop up your potions in the middle of the screen when you get a debuff or below a threashold of morale/power.
  • Combat Analysis. plugin to parse your combat log, including dmg done/taken healing done, and power recovered.
  • Tonic bars is also extremely useful. This allows you to build quickslot bars of varying sizes that you can hide or show given different situations.
  • Travel window. This is an indespensible tool for hunters and Wardens (or people with multiple Milestone skills.)
  • Daily Tasks Manager. Great for keeping track of which junk items can be turned in where and what lvls for Tasks.

Your plugins folder structure should look similar to the following:

//My Documents/Lord Of The Rings Online/Plugins/*pluginAuthorName*/pluginName


Once the folder is in place, load LOTRO. (if you change/add plugins while the game is loaded, the changes will not take effect until you exit and restart the game.... you can now use the "/plugins refresh" command rather than restart the client.)


Now we will create some shortcuts.

  • Move whatever skill you have in your #1 hotkey temporarily.
  • Now enter the following: /shortcut 1 /plugins load manager
  • You can now move your original skill back to #1 and the manager shortcut wherever you like it.


Unfortunately, you have to load the manager plugin each time you login (on each toon). That is the purpose of the shortcut, making it easier, assuming you remember to hit it ;)

Once the manager is open, you can select which plugins to use by clicking the checkbox next to it in the manager. The manager will remember your choices each time you login (per toon). Since it remembers which ones you select, it will auto load each selected plugin once it has been loaded.

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