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Poison Wing

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Poison Wing (Lock 4)


You recieve the coin for the Shoulders from Poison box.


NOTE: It is Suggested (not required) that you make use of the BuffBars Plugin. More information here... PLUGINS


Tier 1

Standing in the water throughout this wing will deal poison DoT to you.

There are platforms all about this wing. If MORE THAN 2 people stand on one for even a fraction of a second, it will be destroyed. I believe this includes flying over it as when you are knocked back.


  • Ghosts: 56k ish. summon 9k ghost adds. not interruptable. dont do any direct damage. They do increase the amount of damage the water does per tick.
  • Trolls: typical Trolls. Put incoming healing debuff on tank, this is interruptable. These Trolls have the Anger buff.
    • Anger: "This creature will shrug off one attempt to control it". What this means is the first CC skill you use on them will do nothing but remove the buff. The next CC skill will behave normally (can still be resisted). Any CC will work to break the anger, stun/root/Daze/mez, possibly snare as well. Burgs  and LMs should easily be able to clear and lock down one target each w/o assistance.
    • They regain the anger buff 50 seconds after it has been removed.
  • Pale folk: 20kish. Randomly root people.


Pull 1:

  • Start by Mezzing the troll to the left with the paw. One tank will off tank the troll in the center of the room with the skull.
  • The healers/ranged will move to the right around the corner to the non sinkable platform. The second tank will stay with the healers to pickup the summoned ghost adds.
  • DPS will kill the palefolk first, then the summoning ghost. Ghost adds will be next, then the trolls.

Pull 2:

  • The Paw and Skull trolls will be mezzed the entire fight and will be last 2 mobs dead.
  • One tank will off tank the star troll from one of the center platforms.
  • **If you have a 3rd CCer, you can lock the star down as well, and let that tank get adds by the healers.
  • The second tank will tank the moon troll as near to its starting position as possible.
  • DPS will kill the palefolk first, then the moon troll.
  • Once the moon troll is down, that tank is available to collect adds near the healers.
  • DPS will kill the Ghost summoners next, then the ghost adds.
  • Star troll will be next, then the final two trolls.



Typically you will fight the boss square in the center of the room.

The Poison DoT you recive here increases every 15 seconds. Along with the DoT component, you also gain +2% outgoing damage per tier. Standing on a platform for 3 seconds clears your DoT.

There are 4 platforms in this room. Same rules as above. NO MORE than 2 people on a platform at once. You will want to assign 3 people to each platform.

  • Tanks should NOT be assigned to the same platform
  • Healers should NOT be assigned to the same platform
  • The tanks should be assigned to the healer platforms.
  • Each platform can have ONE person that is allowed to stay on at all times. The other 2 MUST alternate.
  • I suggest getting on the platform BEFORE you get to tier 4 on the DoT. The Buff Bars Plugin is particularly useful for this.

Periodically, an add will spawn from the center of the room. He will go to a platform and attempt to destroy it. You MUST KILL HIM QUICKLY!!!

Tank Details:

The tanks are going to have to swap aggro during the fight due to the increasing debuff that the water puts on you. While tank 1 is fighting the boss, tank 2 should be near his platform waiting. When the debuff on tank 1 gets up to tier 4 (possibly higher), tank 2 needs to get on to the platform and clear their posion then immediately run out to the boss when their own debuff is off. Tank 2 will call out that they are taking aggro, get in to position and use Engage followed by a Challenge (as tank 2 is using their aggro skills it also helps to turn on Threat Stance for the increased perceived threat). When tank 1 sees that tank 2 is in place and has taunted they need to drop Threat Stance (this aids tank 2 in holding aggro after their Challenge wears off) and move to their assigned platform to clear their debuffs. Once tank 1 has cleared their debuffs by standing on the platform they can go back in and activate Threat Stance and challenge the boss. Tank 2 will then drop Threat Stance and go repeat the cycle of clearing debuffs and tanking.

Stance dancing, as I like to call it, can be a nuisance and may not be necessary, however, the changes of perceived threat help the opposite tank to hold aggro after their challenge skills wear off.



Tier 2

The mobs on tier 2 have more morale and hit harder.

The platforms that were un-sinkable in tier 1 now sink, positioning will be much more important now.

The troll's 360 AoE range seems to be increased.

 Pull 1:

  • CC both Trolls.
  • One tank round up palefolk, other tank collect ghost adds.
  • DPS kills pale folk first, then Big ghost, ghost adds, then trolls.
  • Positioning suggestions:
    1. ...
    2. ...
    3. ...

Pull 2:

  • CC 3 Trolls. Off tank other troll.
  • DPS kill palefolk then big ghosts, ghost adds, trolls last.
  • Positioning suggestions:
    1. Healers on square platform that the paw troll starts on.
    2. Tank off-tanking moon troll can stay on the moon troll platform. One range DPS can stand here also.
    3. Up to two Range DPS can stand on the wall platform that the star troll starts on.
    4. The 3 platforms nearest the entrance will be used by the CC classes.
  • UPDATE: Kiting one or more tolls up to the first room and back is a functional alternative/precursor to CC.


  • Changes from T1:
    1. The DoT from the water seems to do more damage per tick. The boss also seems to hit harder.
    2. The platforms will now crumble if there are 2 people on one at the same time for more than 5 seconds.
    3. The ghost add now destroys platforms faster, so you need to be on the ball switching and gettin it down.
    4. A root will randomly pop and root people, it also does damage, then need to be killed quickly.
  • Challange Mode:
    1. There must be at least one person on each platform for the entire fight.



This strat is referred to as the Suicide Strat.

  • Group 1:
    • Guard (Trait/gear max acid and melee mits. Mostly Yellow traits may be preferred).
    • RK Healer (trait and LIs for max heals)
    • Capt (LoM or HoH traits lines both work, MUST HAVE +inc healing from Strength of Will legacy on class emblem)
    • 3x Hunters (high dps, but dont over-threat the tank)
  • Group 2:
    • Group 2 is less restrictive, should be able to succeed with any makeup. 
    • Maxing acid mitigation would be useful.
    • Having 2 minis allows for back to back FHs extending group life.
    • Capt be sure to use oaths and IHW:LS before people start dying.
    • Max DPS until you die, dont worry too much about agro.
  • The Guard will Shield-Wall the capt, who will stand 90 degrees to the tank on the boss.
    • If a root pops getting BOTH the tank and capt, leave it to cancel Knockbacks.
  • RK will heal ONLY THE TANK. The rest of group 1 should not be taking any damage.
  • Capt keep Strength of Will heal buff up on Tank AT ALL TIMES. Use Inspire melee heal and all other heals as often as possible.
  • Hunters will ALWAYS focus on mobs in this order: Ghost, Root, Boss.
  • Group 2 will go max DPS until they are dead.
    • Capt Oaths right after first ghost add (earlier if called by raid leader).
    • Minis chain FS and the other big group heal when necessary.
    • Capt Last stand after both mini FS (earlier if necessary) 






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