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Pinnacle of Orthanc


General Notes of Interest:

If a person with a ring dies and cannot be rezzed or ends up outside the Pinnacle of Orthanc, the fight is not finishable. Wipe and restart. (you can jump off the sides of the tower to die from misadventure.)

If a ring holder is LD: you can prolong the phase by simply not killing the fifth Saruman. This only works if the player makes it back from LD and is still on the pinnacle.

There are 5 major phases, and the finish.

To start the fight, 5 players must pick up the rings.

Each ring has a different buff that it gives to a fellowship memeber, and a different damage or debuff it does to one/multiple opponents. See the following page for details on the rings. Sarumon's Rings

During the transitions between phases, the ring holders must click their ring while inside the colored circle where they picked up their ring. If anyone does not click in time, you must repeat the previous phase.

For Tier 2, you must click the rings in the correct order (as shown by Saruman's staff during the transition) to move to the next phase, else you must repeat the previous phase.

For the T2 Challenge Mode (CM); no one can die, you must destroy Saruman's ring (assume: complete all 5 phases), and something else I don't recall at this moment.

Dopplegangers sorted by damage output (info for tank assignments)  (estimated):

  • Shadow (least)
  • Frost
  • Fire
  • Venom
  • Storm (most)



  • This phase is simple.
  • Read the list of the different Sarumans' skills below.
  • Phase specific skills:
    • NONE
  • Preferred kill order:
    • Shadow (heals)
    • Venom
    • Fire
    • Frost
    • Storm


  • Environments occur:
    • See section on Environments below.
  • Phase specific skills
    • Fire - flame thrower
    • Frost - morale bubbles on adds when he is hit
    • Shadow - healing corruptions when hit
    • Storm - polarity directional large lightning damage
    • Venom - red bubble on players
  • Preferred kill order:
    • Shadow 
    • Venom 
    • Fire
    • Storm 
    • Frost


  • You will be in combat till the end after this phase starts.
  • No more Environments.
  • Real Saruman is active.
    • He remains stationary.
    • He cannot be tanked.
    • All of his skills are random target.
    • Each of his attacks is preceded by an emote in /say.
      • See the listing of emotes and their skills below.
    • All of these skills are available to him, no matter which/howmany of the clones you kill.
  • One of the emotes is when Saruman drops a nasty fear cloud at a random person's feet.
  • IMPORTANT: During this phase everyone will get random pot-able debuffs.
    • THESE MUST BE REMOVED!!!!!1!1!!11!!!!! (read: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)
    • These are caused by Frost Saruman.
    • They all look like standard effects with the clock symbol on them.
    • You have 8s to remove them.
    • If you do not they will do the following to anyone within a 15m range:
      • Fear: short stun, then run in fear for Xs.
      • Wound: applies a wound that does 1500 damage every 3s for 15s.
      • Disease: -100% incoming and outgoing heals.
      • Poison: 8s stun.
  • Phase specific skills:
    • Frost - causes the pot-able debuffs
  • Preferred kill order:
    • Shadow
    • Frost 
    • Venom
    • Fire
    • Storm



  • Pot-able effects no longer occur.
  • All of Saruman's emotes still apply from phase 3 (no new ones that I noticed).
  • Healing circles (remember Ivar in OD?) 
  • New acid clouds.
  • Phase specific skills:
    • Shadow - drops healing circles
    • Venom - causes the acid puddles
  • Preferred kill order:
    • Shadow 
    • Venom 
    • Fire
    • Frost
    • Storm



  • 10 dopplegangers spawn, 2 each.
  • All the same emotes as Phases 3 & 4.
  • Phase specific skills: 
    • Players will get an eye above their head, this will knock you back (or a random direction) when it expires. (non-removable)
  • Preferred kill order:
    • Shadow x2 (need interrupts on both)
    • Venom x2
    • Storm x2
    • Fire x2
    • Frost x2


About Environments:

  • During the second phase, the environment atop the tower will periodically change to match one of the Colors of Saruman.
    • This appears to be time based.
    • Each environment lasts just under 45s, with a 1-2s gap during transition.
    • The same environment can occur multiple times in a row, and will not have the transition gap.
      • (I experienced an acid environ for 3:45 during one attempt.)
  • During each environment, the corresponding Saruman (Ex: snow on the ground = frost saruman) will get a -50% incoming damage and +50% outgoing damage buff.
  • All other Sarumans that do not match the environment recieve +20% incoming damage and -20% outgoing damage.


Known skills of the different colored Saurumans:

These skills are usable throughout the entire fight unless otherwise noted.

NOTE: Polarity is the name of a specific skill, not a class of skills.

  • Shadow:
    • When hit, he has a chance to put a healing corruption on the other Sarumans. These can stack.
      • Phase 2 only.
    • He gets a corruption that tiers up over time. When removed it damages his target (hopefully the tank).
      • Either remove it early, or not at all. (unless it gets to a point of autoremoval).
    • He has a very large targeted heal, that can be used at any time.
      • Due to the above, Shadow is generally suggested as the first target.
      • This can be interrupted.
    • Creates the green healing circles in phase 4.
  • Storm:
    • Lightning - Distributed:
      • When Lightning strikes down on Storm Saruman's head and spreads out in a circle at his feet.
      • This is a Distributed lightning damage attack.
      • I took 4-5k damage with no one near me to distribute it (guard 60% tact mit).
    • Polarity: Has lightning attack that shoots out in 4 directions.
      • it seems the directions are on the 45s of his facing.
        • Meaning: if you take the direction he is facing as North, the bolts go out NE, SE, SW, NW (not 100% on this yet)
      • Only occurs during Phase 2.
      • Occurs every ~30 seconds.
        • The time range occurs since he may be doing another skill (or is CC'd) at the time this attack is scheduled to occur.
      • There is a limit to the range of this attack (best guess 15m, could be 20).
      • The damage in the chat log comes about 1s before the graphic of the skill.
  • Fire:
    • Flamethrower:
      • phase 2 only.
      • Can randomly turn and throws fire at a target.
      • Anyone in the line of fire will be hit also.
      • NOT Distributed.
  • Acid:
    • Applies 1k/2s dot.
    • Red Bubble:
      • Only in phase 2.
      • This is a pretty serious DoT.
      • It can only be removed by healing the target to FULL morale.
  • Frost:
    • When hit, can apply a 30k morale bubble that also gives +25% outgoing damage to any of the Sarumans, including himself.
      • phase 2 only.
    • Has a Cloak of Ice buff: on any damage 5% chance to reflect 3s root. break chance on damage after 1s.
    • Is the source of the pot-able debuffs in phase 3.


 Saruman's Emotes starting in Phase 3:

  •  Saruman says, "You will be swallowed by the darkness, PLAYER!"
    • Seems to be single target.
    • light (type) damage nuke.
      • I took 2058 from a devastate crit on my tank. (my tact mit is ~60% iirc)
  • Saruman says, "The tendins of the dark hold you, PLAYER!"
    • Saruman blows fire (looks white) at the target, anyone in the line of fire gets hit also.
    • light (type) damage aoe nuke.
      • similar damage as above
  • Saruman says, "Darkness envelop you, PLAYER!"
    • Saruman shoots lightning at the target.
    • light (type) damage nuke
      • similar damage as above
  • Saruman says, "Choke and die on my noxious fumes!"
    • purple fear cloud is dropped on a random person.
    • does ??? damage / second.
    • the actual radius is slightly larger than the graphic.
  • Saruman says, "I call forth the night!"
    • Saruman spews acid at multiple targets.
      • I have seen this cover about 1/3 of the area at once.
  • Saruman says: "I am cloaked in the Shadow!"
    • Spikes of Ice shoot out of the floor damaging anyone in them.
    • Three seconds after the text, the ice comes.
    • The effect appears to be 2-3 seperate circular attacks.
      • I have only noticed once that it popped circles that were seperated.
        • This may be due to the fact that our group was generally pretty close togther.
      • I never took more than a single hit from this attack per use.



Fire & Ice - Lightning - Acid - Shadow - Saruman




 FOR T1 (and presumably T2 sans-challenge)


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